Why Alcohol Matters

Alcohol (Ethanol) is the enemy of healthy skin. It is extremely damaging to skin—causing dryness, eroding the skin's surface, deteriorating skin replenishment functions and affecting how skin rejuvenates itself. SMOOTHAF contains zero alcohol, unlike our competitors.

A dermatological study conducted by the University of Toronto and the Departments of Clinical Pharmacology, Dermatology and Medicine tested the effects of 3% of alcohol (ethanol) and applied it to skin cells over the course of two days. Results concluded an increase of cell death by 26%. This body of work illustrated the correlation of ethanol exposure and skin cell self-destruction.

The study also revealed that alcohol (ethanol) destroys the substances in cells that reduce inflammation and defend against “free radicals”. Skin cells then fall into a stage of Apoptosis, where millions of skin cells self-destruct on a daily basis.

SMOOTHAF is proud to deliver a cure for athlete's foot, as well as day-to-day prevention, without a drop of alcohol.


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