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Top Podiatrists #1 Go-to FDA OTC Antifungal Total Foot Care Product

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Patented formula cleans, conditions, revitalizes, and protects your feet while helping your skin heal and recover. Patented formula cleans, conditions, revitalizes, and protects your feet while helping your skin heal and recover.

Dr. Joseph Caporusso, DPM

Former president of the American Podiatric Medical Association and International Federation of Podiatrists

Trusted and used by podiatrists and other medical professionals.

FDA Approved Drug and Patented Formula

In an independent pre-market study, 100% of users who used Smooth AF® as directed saw improvement in their athlete's foot symptoms.

APMA Approved

The American Podiatric Medical Association has granted their Seal of Approval to Smooth AF® for its ease of use and contributions to better foot health.

Alcohol-Free Formula

Smooth AF's® powerful Alcohol-Free and Paraben-Free formula kills the athlete's foot fungus but is gentle on the skin. Quickly absorbs and heals while protecting the skin without being greasy. Your patients and medical staff will thank you for introducing them to Smooth AF's®.
Smooth AF® endorsed by Dr. Desantis

Dr. Jeff Desantis, DPM

President of the APMA

“In my 30 years of medicine, I’ve never seen a product that so quickly and fully treated athlete’s foot. I am amazed by Smooth AF and I recommend it to all my patients.”

Smooth AF® endorsed by Dr. Caporusso

Dr. Joseph Caporusso, DPM

Former APMA President

“Using Smooth AF should become a daily habit for people who have athlete’s foot but also for people with dry skin on their feet and people whose feet suffer from the consequences of having dry feet.”

Smooth AF® endorsed by Dr. Ira Kraus

Dr. Ira Kraus, DPM

Former APMA President

“Smooth AF is easy to apply which will help with compliance and it works. I have used too many OTC and prescription products that did not work.”

Smooth AF® endorsed by Dr. Kase

Dr. Franklin Kase, DPM

Former President of the California Podiatric Medical Association

“Diabetics are especially prone to dry skin and fungus. Smooth AF significantly reduces the tendency for them to develop injury and keeps their skin moist. This protects them against further tinea and other skin disease, including Diabetic ulcers which can lead to the feared foot and leg amputation.

Our Partners and Their Patients Are Happy with Smooth AF

Try these 5 Easy Steps to Improve Patient Care, Save Time & Money, and Streamline Office Efficiency:

During patient examination eliminate products and chemicals such as alcohol wipes that dry out the skin.
Eliminate greasy creams that are messy and contain parabens.
Save time and money by using Smooth AF Alcohol Free OTC Medicated Athlete’s Foot Wipes to clean and protect patient’s feet.
Recommend patients keep their feet clean, healthy, and protected daily by using Smooth AF wipes. (Perfect for people suffering from athlete’s foot, diabetes, stinky feet, and for those who want to keep their feet clean & healthy).
Become a resource for patients and medical assistants by providing Smooth AF Total Foot Care in 30-count Pouches and 14-count boxes of Single Packets – available at physician pricing.
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Smooth AF recognizes and values collaboration as a fundamental cornerstone needed to effectively address the health needs of individuals and communities suffering from athlete’s foot as a result of an active lifestyle and health problems, like diabetes.

As part of our advocacy, public education, and service we are highly vested in developing a comprehensive network of partners. We invite podiatrists, family medical practices, organizations and other entities who align with our mission to join us as partners.

Smooth AF Partners advance our mission and cause to empower individuals and communities to be better equipped and proactive in their overall health. Our goal is to develop partnerships that are unique and collaborative efforts.

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