SMOOTHAF is the only advanced anti-fungal formula
that goes beyond curing and preventing athlete’s foot
to also clean, condition and revitalize your feet while
helping your skin heal and recover. Our unique alcohol-free
towels are easy to use, yet incredibly effective. And because
they contain no alcohol or parabens, just fresh scented
skin-loving emollients, SMOOTHAF is safe and effective
to use every day.

Available in:
30-count pouch
Box of 14-count single packets

Why AF?

Alcohol (Ethanol) is the enemy of healthy skin. It is extremely damaging to skin—causing dryness, eroding the skin's surface, deteriorating skin replenishment functions and affecting how skin rejuvenates itself. SMOOTHAF contains zero alcohol, unlike our competitors.

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APMA Approved

The American Podiatric Medical Association has granted their Seal of Approval to SMOOTHAF for its ease of use and contributions to better foot health.

A Real Treatment

The anti-fungal that works. Tolnaftate has been clinically proven to cure and prevent athlete’s foot since 1965.

AF Means alcohol-free

SMOOTHAF’s alcohol-free formula won’t dry, damage or erode your skin cells.

Healthier for your skin

No parabens, ever.

Better for you

Cures. Cleans. Conditions. Non-greasy formula absorbs quickly leaving your feet truly SMOOTHAF.


We believe a sustainably harvested and 100% compostable product makes this world a better place.

The SMOOTHAF experience

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